Nokia spin-off plans, $ 10,000 call "luxury" Android

If you plan to drop thousands of dollars on a "luxury smartphone" operating system do you insist on such a device rock elite?

According to a Russian blogger claiming knowledge of the plans of the British snobphone maker Vertu, the company - which was formerly a division of Nokia before the company sold all but 10 per cent last year - is looking for launch an Android phone fantasy from 3000 euros and running as high as $ 10,000, if you want a model made ​​from unobtainium or some such nonsense, I suppose.Good Vertu thing not to have to pay more for the operating system, or line of phones could be really expensive. (Like Android, sarcasm is free.)

Murtazin said to expect this device in the second half of this year, but few details are available. Engadget believes the first Android phone from Vertu will be equipped with Android 4.0.4, 800x480 screen, a 1.5 GHz processor, Bluetooth 4.0 and NFC.

Hopefully the butler who operates for you is also included in the price.
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