Now we're talking: Amazon buys provider Ivona text-to-speech

Amazon has acquired text-to-speech software technology provider for Ivona an undisclosed amount, expanding its in-house capabilities that Internet retailer continues to grow its business tablet.

The two companies have collaborated in the past, Amazon noted with technology Ivona power vocal of text to speech, and explore the touch features of the Kindle Fire tablet.

In addition, Ivona offers text-to-speech products and services to thousands of developers, businesses and customers worldwide. It offers voice and language portfolio with 44 voices in 17 languages, and it is even more.Amazon development has expanded its activities pill on companies like Apple, Barnes & Noble, and even Google, whose Android the software it uses. Unlike some of its competitors, Amazon has kept prices down his equipment to attract more buyers. If it is little, if any, money on its devices, it generates cash services and other related items, such as the sale of digital books.

Voice recognition, meanwhile, has become a major element in many devices. As CNET noted earlier, the voice assistant Siri as Apple, Samsung S voice Actions Google, Microsoft TellMe and are not new, but they are becoming more mainstream features that can accelerate results. Amazon is probably waiting to help Ivona question offers manufacturers of other tablets, and eventually develop a smartphone.
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