Temple Run 2 swings on Android devices

Android users can now try to escape giant apes, swinging on ropes and jumping over chasms, all courtesy of Temple Run 2.

The fast-paced action game debuted on Google Play today, where Android device owners can download for free. Temple Run 2 has already been a great success among users of the iPhone and iPad by accumulating 20 milllion downloads on the Apple App Store in its first four days.

The new game puts you in a jungle environment just like the original, but throws in a variety of new twists and turns and improved graphics.

This time you start trying to escape an ape as you swing across a rope. From there, you must navigate through the jungle trails. You strive to keep your character alive by jumping over the huge gaps in the path, ducking under low bridges, and to find out when turning left or right.

Along the way, you score points by collecting gold coins.

But the action itself is fast and furious. Not react fast enough, and your character meets his death either by crashing, falling, or being caught by the game ape.he giant base is free, but in-app purchases you can buy parts for improve the skills of your character, or play as a different character.

I took Temple Run 2 for a ride on my Nexus tablet, and it is certainly addictive. Even if your character is killed, and you must restart the scenario changes to keep the game fresh. Now the challenge is to achieve sufficiently advanced to face more dangers on my quest to finish the game.
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