Samsung reigns with 30% of Q4 smartphone shipments

Samsung has been the leader in the smartphone market last quarter, according to new data from Juniper Research.

Research firm, today announced that Samsung shipped 63 million smartphones in the fourth quarter, representing 30 percent of all shipments worldwide during the period. Apple is in second place with 47.8 million copies sold. Most firms report shipments in the retail channel. Apple, however, total sales, which is why Juniper was forced to exchange these measures.

Apple and Samsung are easily separated from the rest of the pack mobile. Nokia was only able to ship 6.6 million smartphones in the fourth quarter, while RIM is estimated at 6.7 million were delivered during that time.Still smartphones, the smartphone market as a whole has had a year huge 2012, according to Juniper, with 671 million smartphones shipping last year. This figure is up nearly 42 percent a year and has more than 200 million smartphone shipments in the fourth quarter alone.

Juniper was not the only research firm chime in the smartphone market. Research firm IDC today announced that based on its audits, 219.4 million smartphones shipped last quarter. Samsung has opened the way to 63.7 million shipments and market share of 29 percent, according to IDC, Apple grabbed 21.8 percent of the market sales. As with Juniper, IDC reported stellar fourth quart for smartphone makers. IDC estimates that 219.4 million smartphones shipped during the period, up 36.4 per cent to 160, 8 million delivered in the fourth quarter of 2011.

Meanwhile, Strategy Analytics reported yesterday the global shipments of 700 million smartphones last year - also noting the dominance of Apple and Samsung.
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