Surface Pro to launch at Best Buy in New York on February 8

Following the model put on its surface RT launch in October 2012, Microsoft plans to launch its aircraft Surface Pro just before midnight yesterday, they will be commercially available.

Friday, February 8, Microsoft is organizing a private evening reception for selected clients before the event, then holding the official launch just before midnight, February 9 at Best Buy Union Square in New York. Guests will be among the first people eligible to buy new Surface pros - or, as Microsoft officially called the "Surface Windows 8 Proc."

Microsoft CEO Team surface, Panos Panay, will be on hand, as will members of the Windows team, according to a copy of the invitation that I saw. (I'm not invited to the reception, myself, because it is not for the press, I was told.)

Microsoft held its launch area RT Times Square now-shuttered Microsoft pop-up store.

Microsoft officials said earlier this month that the Surface Pro is commercially available from February 9th. I asked the company if and when pre-orders start for professionals surface and have received no answer to my question.

The surface Pro is a PC based on Intel Hybrid / tablet Microsoft is well positioned as a ultrabook to a tablet. It has half the battery life of the RT surface, due to its use of Intel Core i5. But it will be more powerful and have a better display than its surface RT brother. Prices for early surface Pro $ 899.

Pros surface will be sold in the United States and Canada by all retail stores, Microsoft and Staples and Best Buy in the United States, as well as "a number of places in Canada, "the company said.
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