T-Mobile strikes deal with wireless Major League Baseball

T-Mobile has finally made the big leagues.

The mobile operator has signed an agreement with Major League Baseball to strengthen certain stages with his own brand of wireless technology.

Coming to bat will be a new thread "in the field of communication system" connecting managers in canoes with their coaches in the bullpen. The carrier replace the old wall phones with new cell phones, giving managers greater flexibility. The system canoe bullpen will begin deploying to select stages of this year.

Under the multi-year contract MLB, T-Mobile will also tap into its growing 4G coverage to provide wireless connectivity for the fans in the stands. The company's 4G network now covers about 229 different metropolitan areas, offering access to 220 million potential customers.

Finally, the carrier will team up with technological pole Major League Baseball, known as MLB Advanced Media (MLBAM), to generate interest in the pastime of America. Both will create special offers and promotions designed to appear on smartphones and tablets T-Mobile subscribers. "Baseball is the number one sport in America and consumed digitally baseball fan today's technologically savvy and data hungry, which makes this partnership a great opportunity for baseball fans, not only, but million T-Mobile customers, "Mike Sievert, an officer of T-Mobile USA marketing officer, said in a statement.

The new agreement is a part of the latest attempt by T-Mobile to tap into the world of baseball.

The carrier is also forming partnerships with Fox, Turner, ESPN and MLB Network. T-Mobile will sponsor ESPN baseball Wednesday night and work with MLB on sponsoring some local teams. The company is already a sponsor of the Pittsburgh Pirates and the Seattle Mariners.
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