5.1 sound bar Vizio packs wireless rear speakers, remote innovative

LAS VEGAS - Many sound bars promise to deliver "virtual surround sound", but with a few exceptions, you can not get true surround sound without actual rear speakers.

Vizio announced the new S4251W trying to get the best of both worlds, combining traditional sound bar with wireless rear speakers, so you get the ease of his bar in the front with true immersive surround effects in the back . In fact, this is not the first time Vizio offered his bar-plus-rear speaker arrangement, I was a fan of the VHT510 when I examined it in 2011.

The S4251W will also feature a new innovative remote control that includes a screen. While the displays are common on universal remotes, this is the first time I saw her on a bar, and should be a heck of a lot easier to read than a screen on the front panel sound bar through the room. Bluetooth is integrated with a bunch of ports on the back that includes an optical input, coaxial, and analog minijack. The wireless subwoofer is included with a 6.5-inch driver. The sound bar itself is relatively rich in pilots: four 3-inch midrange left / right, two 0.75-inch left / right, two 2.5-inch tweeters center channel drivers, chauffeurs and each rear channel has a 2.5-inch driver.

While Vizio is not officially announce the other sound bars at CES 2013, the company says that the S4251W is the new design guidelines for sound bars this year. 2013 all of the company's bars include integrated Bluetooth, cables included for each port and the new look "industrial" design. Any sound bar is designed to be coupled with TVs 42 inches and larger also include the new design remote.

The S4251W Vizio has a list price of $ 330 and is scheduled to be released in the spring.
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