Tablet shipments surpass laptops this year, according to a report

Tablets oust specifications of global shipments this year, according to a report released yesterday by NPD DisplaySearch.

Tablet shipments are expected to exceed 240 million, while notebook shipments expected to reach approximately 207 million. For the first time, tablets will recover more than 50 percent market share this year, against about 38 percent last year and 26 percent in 2011.

Tablet shipment growth will increase 64 percent this year from 2012, due not necessarily the iPad, but the variety of choice, according to the report. Demand for tablets in the world has opened the market for a range of players, big and small.

Tablets with 7-inch screens 7.9 inches across will recover 45 percent of the market this year, accounting for shipments of 108 million units, NPD DisplaySearch said. In contrast, the 9.7-inch tablets like the iPad traditional win a share of 17 percent, with shipments of approximately 41 million. The other 38 percent is made up of a wide variety of sizes ranging from 5.6 inches to 13.3 inches.

"The tablet PC market saw increased investment in North America in the second half of 2012, brands that tested not only new screen sizes and prices, but also unconventional business models to support their efforts, "NPD analyst Richard Shim DisplaySearch said in a statement." In 2013, new investments are expected in the world, fueling the demand to the point that tablet PC sales will exceed those of laptops. "America North remains the largest customer of tablets, seizing about 85 million units and a 35 per cent this year., but emerging markets will also play an important role in the adoption tablet.

Driven by local manufacturers, China represent 65 million units and a 27 percent slice of the market. Last year, shipments of tablets in North America and China has already surpassed those laptops.

Shipments of laptops have been injured by the sluggish global demand, even in emerging markets, the report notes. But the mobile industry can recover some of this demand in the second half of the year. Manufacturers are required to add features more compressed over their laptops as instantaneous battery every day, and sleeker form factors.

Of course, the definition of a tablet compared to a laptop becomes increasingly blurred.

More manufacturers are releasing hybrid devices that double as tablet and laptop. Consumers who want the best of both worlds find a wider range of choices. This change may make it more difficult to decipher, but the market share is expected to benefit the entire industry.
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