Windows 8 fails to lift the PC market as tablets soar, according to Gartner

Research firm Gartner, an estimated fall of 4.9 percent worldwide PC sales in the fourth quarter marked a turning point in the market.

In the fourth quarter, PC sales worldwide fell by about 4.9 percent, according to the research firm. A total of 90.3 million units have been sold, but a change in consumption habits of the two and the fragile state of the economy has played a role in making PC manufacturers that you had nothing to celebrate as their products were rejected in favor of tablets.

Mikako Kitagawa, principal analyst at Gartner, said:

    "The tablets have dramatically changed the landscape for PC device, not so much by" cannibalizing "sales of PCs, but causing PC users to move tablets consumed rather than replacing older computers. This transformation was triggered by the availability of low-cost tablets force in 2012 and will continue until the installed base of PC tablets refuses to answer the primary consumption device. "

Consumers do not demand a new PC for Christmas, according to Gartner, but the plethora of cheap tablets made sure they have replaced computers as the "must have" gadget for the holiday season. Although there have been a number of cheap laptops on offer, it did little to excite the joy of Christmas for PC vendors.

However, it can not all be pessimistic for PC manufacturers. "On the positive side for suppliers, PC disenfranchised are those lighter configurations, which means that we should see an increase in average selling prices of PC (ASP) as users replace the machines used for richer applications, rather than for consumption, "said Kitagawa.

Factor Windows 8
Many of us have waited to see if the operating system Microsoft Windows 8 would have a major impact on PC sales. Gartner said that Windows 8 has failed to revitalize the PC market in the fourth quarter, mainly due to "form factors lackluster" in supplier offers PC and a "lack of enthusiasm" which is in the contact element of tablets.

The research firm also says that Hewlett-Packard has managed to bounce back to clinch first place in PC sales worldwide against the Chinese company Lenovo rival. However, the rate of loading HP has not changed compared to a year ago, while Lenovo has announced the highest rate of growth among the top five PC vendors. Dell took third place - although its sales fell 21 percent a year - while Acer ranks fourth with a decrease of 11 percent in the shipments.Over PC 2012, PC sales reached 352.7 million units, according to Gartner, which is 3.5 percent decline after 2011 figures. HP maintains the top spot overall with a market share of 16 percent and Lenovo is second with 14.8 percent. However, Asus has shown the highest growth rate with increased shipments of 17.1 percent.
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