Apple has reduced orders for iPhone screen on weak demand

Apple has declined to compose his commands have iPhone components, a possible sign that demand for the smartphone is not as strong as expected Apple.

The company has reduced its orders last month for iPhone 5 screens for the first quarter of calendar year 2013 by approximately half its original purpose, sources tell the Wall Street Journal. The giant of Cupertino, Calif.-based technology would also cut orders screen sizes other than well.The report seems to support the provision of at least one analyst, who predicted last month that Apple would face challenges that sell its iPhone and iPad. In December, UBS analyst Steven Milunovich reduced its sales estimates for the iPhone in 2013 March, June, September and quarter 5 million units per quarter, while sales estimates for the iPad have been reduced by 2 million per quarter.

Milunovich also reduced its earnings estimates for fiscal 2013 and 2014 Apple and lowers the target price of the stock to $ 700 from $ 780. Apple is expected to announce its fiscal first quarter financial results on January 23.

Once the dominant seller smartphone and tablet, Apple has faced challenges on two fronts. Market share of the iPad has been decided by the cheap Android tablets, while the Galaxy S smartphone recently oust the crown for iPhone smartphone market
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