Windows 8 upgrade process $ 40 ends today

Those of you still mulling over the move to Windows 8 have less than a day to mark the upgrade before the price skyrockets.

Upgrading Windows 8 Pro is always available at $ 39.99 for Windows 7, Vista and XP. Further, Windows 7 users who bought their PC after June 2, 2012 can recover Windows 8 Pro for only $ 14.99.

From February 1, the price climbs upgrade $ 119.99 for the standard version of Windows 8 and $ 199.99 for the Pro version. Only eligible students will be able to get a discount of $ 69.99 for Windows 8 Pro.

You can still take advantage of the current offer, even if you do not plan to install Windows 8 today. As I described in my article on Monday, users of Windows 7 and Vista can use the wizard to upgrade Windows 8 and select the option to install in creating media. This option allows you to record the installation of Windows 8 on a USB key or an ISO file that you can burn to a DVD.

You can then get a USB key or DVD in a safe place and use it to install Windows 8 at any time in the future. Price update special expires after today, but your upgrade Windows 8 and a valid license on the users of Windows XP future.Windows, however, have not quite so simple.

The wizard upgrade Windows 8 on an XP computer does not give you the option of installing the creation of media. But there is a workaround.

Windows XP users can use the upgrade wizard on any Windows 7 or Vista PC to create the installation media. They can then use the USB or DVD to install Windows 8 on the XP computer, either as an upgrade or a clean installation. Monday my article offers more details on how to do so.

For many people, Windows 8 is not exactly the best thing since sliced ​​bread. A number of commentators have expressed their interest online with little or no improvement, especially when Windows 7 works perfectly. But those of you who want to take a taste of Windows 8 will have to act now before the price goes sky high tomorrow.
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