Facebook share decline, investors, analysts wonder about the future

Facebook share were down in pre-market trading today, spelling some possible erosion in the share price in Thursday trading section complete.

Share on Facebook are down 5 percent today to $ 29.68 in pre-market trading. Shares ended the day at $ 31.24 yesterday, up significantly from 52 weeks now down $ 17.55. The rally was due to the ability of Facebook to gain ground in the mobile and reassure investors that it could continue to grow.The company has a long way to make its case yesterday, reports better than expected in the fourth quarter. During this period, the company's revenue rose 40 percent year-over-year to 1.59 billion. Facebook has also been able to show a net profit of 17 cents per share, exceeding Wall Street estimates.

So why are shares down Facebook? It might have more to do with the ability to share to Facebook grows and less to do with performance.

Here's what Citi analyst Neil Doshi had to say:

     We consider FB as a long-term basis "net stock., But with plans to invest heavily in the biz in 2013, few expected contribution of new initiatives such as gifts or graph search, we do not see any catalysts short-term stock. ads and mobile seem to be cannibalizing Desktop, which also concerns us.

Doshi downgraded from Facebook in neutral and set its target price at $ 30.

But not all agree with the Citi analyst. Wedbush analyst Michael Pachter said in a research note today that there are good reasons to be bullish on the shares of the company and placed target price of Facebook during the next 12 months at $ 35:

     Our target price reflects the potential monetization of Facebook strong mobile penetration increased and a series of initiatives and the future success of new products such as graphical search and targeted advertising.
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