New BlackBerry fail to impress Wall Street as worries persist

Splashy launch BlackBerry and two welcome new smartphones were not enough to halt a slide in a week its stock.

Shares are down more than 6 percent to $ 12.94 in pre-market today action. In total, the BlackBerry has lost a quarter of its market value over the last four days.

Although there seems to be universal recognition that the newly introduced BlackBerry Z10 and Q10 represent a significant improvement over old BlackBerrys, there is some disappointment at yesterday's announcement. More importantly, it is also a lingering concern that BlackBerry may be too late with his last effort to get back in the smartphone game. "We believe that the new devices will do more to retain existing subscribers for Blackberry attract new subscribers," said S & P Capital IQ analyst James Moorman in a lowering of the rating of investment action.

It is natural for BlackBerry to see retirement in his stock after his torrid race during the last six months. The stock has doubled over this period of anticipation and excitement about the announcement this week, and perhaps represented a situation sell-on-news.

But there was some disappointment. In particular, the fact that U.S. carriers would not start selling this thing until mid-March has been a bit of a negative surprise, with many speculating that the launch was more likely in February.

The fact that BlackBerry Q10, which has the physical keyboard, not launch until at least a month later was also disappointing, as many traditional BlackBerry users may gravitate towards this device. And while BlackBerry has done a good job appealing to developers, there are many key applications still lack the BlackBerry App World storefront.

There is also continuing concern that the platform can not have what it takes to cut through the dominance of Google's Android operating system and Apple's iOS, which together accounted for 92 percent sales in the last quarter. Domination that has led to the application of thriving ecosystems, where BlackBerry is still far behind.

"We continue to believe that BB10 faces a daunting uphill battle against iOS and Android," said William Power, an analyst at Robert W. Baird, noting that the launch Palm WebOS reminded him unhappy. While it may do well with traditional BlackBerry users, the company will need to attract users of iPhone and Android if it wants to maintain over the long term. Some are not convinced.

"While we were impressed by the features of the new OS, we believe that RIM has reduced the gap with more mature platforms OS smartphones and services limited differentiation or characteristics to regain customers more ecosystems mature, "said Canaccord Genuity analyst Michael Walkley.

While BlackBerry has been doing a good job of getting the Z10 in the market at the beginning of certain regions, including the United Kingdom and Canada, the lack of complete breakdown immediately has some worried that the current quarter continue to be disappointing. Moorman, for example, estimates that the company will again lose subscribers, which he did for the first time last quarter.

Financially, BlackBerry likely a difficult quarter as it ramps up spending to prepare for his big marketing campaign to promote BlackBerry 10.

Due to launch later in major markets such as the United States, the BlackBerry will probably not be a true indication of progress for one or two quarters.

It seems that some investors are willing to stay and whether BlackBerry recovery really began.
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