3 Dead Space: Change can be scary

When Dead Space hit the scene back in 2008, he introduced a generation of players to the possibilities of gore horrible flesh-eating pseudo-enemies of man defined in the context of curvature gravity in outer space. Players take control of Isaac Clarke, an engineer who finds himself caught in the discovery of an ancient artifact that holds the key to infinite power. This marker, as it is called, is also venerated by a religion called Unitology powerful.

To call scary was an understatement - Dead Space solidifies as one of, if not the scariest game truly of his time. Mysterious tone was reinforced by a main character who does not even speak a word during the whole game. Zero gravity combined with spooky scenes and desperate struggles for oxygen, Dead Space has opened the way to a trilogy - at least. A little over two years later, the team Visceral Games has released a sequel worthy that upped the ante and made a worthy title that descended deeper into madness. As the main protagonist, Clarke opened with a little line of dialogue, but the game also resembled its predecessor often with the same dark corridors and misty moments of routine shocker.

Things have completely disappeared in the rabbit hole in Dead Space 3, where normality is not even considered. With two horror stories already in his back pocket, there is not much that could happen would be that surprised Isaac Clarke. Dead Space 3 opens in unfamiliar territory with our hero literally have to shoot his way out of his apartment own space colony.

Dead Space newcomers should consider a playthrough of the first two games, but instead are well served by a "last time on Dead Space" film. Why are not included in most of sequelae is definitely a head-scratcher. Unlike first two games Dead Space 3 feels much more like a blockbuster movie, abandoning most of the mystery associated with the main character. This sense of isolation and the unknown does not invade the player as before, thanks to focus on a specially designed co-op campaign. Goto it only echoes classic gameplay Dead Space, and I think irreducible faithful can appreciate even more than playing with a friend. Experience cooperative has nothing to scoff at though, as it adds exclusive and packaging scenarios few hours of play time

I played Dead Space 3 most of the time by myself (and with the lights off) to really soak up the atmosphere gloomy for all its worth. There are a number of jump-out-of-your moments of sheer terror safety, even if some of them come off a bit like Cheap Thrills haunted house. Interestingly though, the horror does not seem to be at the top of the list of priorities in the game. Veterinary Dead Space will no doubt recognize a set of pillars and more Necromorph known control points, kiosks and costume, weapons benches. What's new in Dead Space 3 is the elimination of save points (there is an automatic backup of the control points) and a weapon modding and mechanics of creation that can be accessed via benches weapons scattered throughout the world.

We can say that the most notable addition to the game, creating weapon is a tiered system and several levels based on the collection of evidence and tools found in chests and boxes of food . Its lack of intuitiveness is sure to intimidate the players at the beginning because it is not exactly the most logical statement in presentations. But once this initial barrier is overcome, the system opens the possibility of a seemingly infinite amount of combinations. So much so that it is bound to overwhelm some players, and maybe even turn some of them. Anyway, there is always a way to finish the game without having to micromanage every level of creation and improvement of weapons. Patterns are preloaded weapons in the game that do not require the collection of resources. It's a bit annoying that players must equip weapons before the upgrade, but it only requires a few additional movements. To my great disappointment, players can also pay (see: real-life money) for more resources for upgrades without the dirty work. Yes, Dead Space 3 enables you to pay to cheat.

Another novelty of Dead Space 3 are side missions that Isaac is presented with throughout the game. These "crossroads" moments must be treated immediately or they can be accessed via a retransmission using the menu Selecting a chapter (also a first for the series).

While creating weapon is a different direction for the game, the loyalists will notice that the ammunition management does not seem to be as important as it was in previous games. If anything, inventory management becomes a much more important issue than finding more rounds to fire. Any fan of Dead Space will really enjoy the third game in the series, but things are finally beginning to aesthetically repetitive. Of course, this last game takes the player to new environments with colors other than black and gray, but the players are sure to find puzzles kinesis with increasing ease. There is no shortage of elevators, doors and switches useless either, but I'll take a few seconds in a lift on a loading screen any day of the week.

The production values ​​are 3 Dead Space superior and should be experienced not only by fans of the series, but also by any player who aspires to nail biting action and chaos satisfactory. The scale sound design and the overall title created by Visceral Games team is definitely their best effort yet, even if it sometimes discourages some of the unique charm of the original Dead Space possessed.
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