The 128 GB iPad hits the Apple Store, from $ 799

128 GB Apple iPad is now available

The Apple iPad storage teddy was announced last week. It is identical to the fourth generation iPad that Apple launched last year, except that it doubles the storage option is greater, then 64GB. And with the extra 64 GB is a bump in the price. 128 GB Apple iPad starts at $ 799 for the Wi-Fi model only, and those who want cellular connectivity will pay $ 929.As of this writing, the Wi-Fi only model is available to carry a three days. Interestingly, the version can connect to the network AT & T is also listed as being available within one to three days. Sprint and Verizon versions, however, will require customers to wait three to five working days.

Much has been made about the price of the iPad 128 GB, which is a little less than a full-fledged laptop Mac. Apple, however, additional storage space provides a good cost scenario. Last week, IHS analyst Andrew Rassweiler CNET said in a statement sent by e-mail that Apple pays about 55 cents per gigabyte of additional storage in its iPads. So to add an additional 64 GB iPad costs the company about $ 35.20. However, the 128 GB option costs $ 100 more than the 64GB version.
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