A new peak in audiophile $ 300

I'm usually a guy from the beginning, but when it comes to evaluating headphones, comfort is a very close second. So even though I love the sound of a helmet, if they start to hurt my ears after half an hour, it's a deal-breaker.

That is why I am pleased to report on a remarkably comfortable and high quality sound through the headphones, the MrSpeakers' Mad Dog. It's a funny name for a helmet manufacturer, but MrSpeakers "Dan Clark began as a designer speaker. Now it changes widely T50RP Fostex headphones, headset that I have never supported. Clark turns the sound with a wide range of changes and makes it super comfortable helmet. MrSpeakers is a family business, all the work is done by hand, and Clark carefully measured and tested each Mad Dog. Clark talk it is clear that he loves his job, and he is determined to do everything he can to keep his customers happy.

The latest version of Clark headset comes with super soft, genuine leather "Carpet Alpha." Clark says that the atria have a major impact on the sound because the "coupling" between the ears and the drivers helmet is the key, and they form the acoustic environment of sound. Clark sent two mad dogs, one with the old models and a buffer pads with Alpha, and I agree that the new pads dramatically improve the sound. The stereo image is wider and wider, mids are smoother to vocals, guitars, brass, etc. seem more natural. The new pads also do a better job blocking external sound, so that you can wear to bed Mad Dogs and listen without disturbing your partner. Customers with older Mad Dogs can update and add Alpha pads. The headphones come with two sets of cables, one 10 feet long with a 6.3 mm plug and a shorter 70-inch cable from V-Moda ended with a 3.5 mm jack.

The Mad Dogs sound fine with phones and iPods, but they really came to life at home with the $ 99 Magni Schiit Audio Amp $ 249 Schiit Asgard headphone. The Los Lobos Live at the Fillmore DVD from 2005 seemed phenomenal. I enjoyed listening to the way the two drummers, Cougar Estrada and Victor Bisetti, created astonishing rhythmic patterns. I played this album several times and have never really enjoyed their grooves as much as I did during the Mad Dogs. When I compared the Mad Dogs with one of my favorite headphones in this price range, $ 300 Sony MDR-1R, it was not a contest. Mad Dogs sound was more spacious, detailed mid-range and resolution were much better bass definition was superior, and they were more comfortable. The Mad Dogs have advanced plans magnetic conductors, Sony relies on conventional dynamic driver, and it is a difference that is easy to hear.

Finally, I compared the Mad Dogs with another planar magnetic headphones, the $ 399 HiFiMan HE-400. It is open headphones in the back has a better tonal balance and treble midrange cooler than Mad Dogs. Switching between the two headsets Mad Dogs were richer and warmer sound, but I also liked the immediacy of the HE-400. They look different, but they are both excellent. The SE-400 sells for $ 100 more than the Mad Dogs.

Mad Dogs MrSpeakers sells direct with a 15 day money back guarantee.
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