After the ban, Kai-Fu Lee invites 30M to follow on Twitter

An outspoken opponent of censorship in China, Kai-Fu Lee responded to a ban on social networking in his native country by inviting his 30 million followers to follow him on Twitter.

Lee, the former head of the China division of Google, has been banned in China based on Weibo and Tencent services for three days after using the microblogging service to complain about state control over the Internet. We do not know who ordered the ban, but suspicion fell on the government, which severely restricts Internet access inside the country.

"I was silenced on Sina and Tencent for three days, so everyone can come here to find me," he said on Twitter, without elaborating on the reason. Twitter is blocked in China, but around the control is said to be quite easy. No stranger to controversy, the computer ran Google's Greater China operations from 2005 to 2009 after having been the subject of a bitter custody battle staff between Google and Microsoft, where Lee worked before.

Lee recently published a summary of a report in the Wall Street Journal on Weibo that describes how slow Internet speeds and instability were deter foreign companies to relocate to China. A post last month declared his support for a newspaper involved in a dispute with government censorship.
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