Apple iPad new ads: Samsung No jokes (well, maybe)

If you're sitting at Apple HQ, you must be very aware of Samsung.

There must be such a temptation to offer a public tap or two to fly deftly positioned itself as a challenger to your emotional supremacy.

However, with two new iPad ads that Apple has released, Cupertino is stoically continues to claim that the tablet exists in a world of its own.

Here, vaguely jazzy music, we see words flash on the screen at lightning speed. Not one of these words "patent", "continue" or "rip-off".
Instead, in an ad called "Alive", we see all kinds of excitations educational and entertaining. They are accompanied by words such as "living", "strong", and "surprise".

In the other, called "together", we see more or less the same. Here are the words "beautiful", "amazing" and "brilliant". How strange to see Apple boast quite so much.

Apple just wants you to understand - if you have not already realized this - it has so many applications through its ecosystem magnificent, extraordinary and brilliant.

It stands on a pedestal high quality and does not deign to look down.

However, I was not convinced that, thanks to two ads were not a jab solo competition.

So I slowed down words to see if a little joke may have been subliminally inserted.

I think I may have found one. In the project "Together" announcement, it seems a solitary word that those who love Apple still believe distinguish the brand from another.

That word is "taste" ....
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