AMD chip, touch controllers all head to the next PlayStation - Report

Sony PlayStation next, which should be released tomorrow, come loaded with a host of improvements, a new report claims.

The device, which could be called the PlayStation 4, dropping the Cell processor, Sony, IBM and Toshiba developed for the PlayStation 3 for an AMD chip, the Wall Street Journal reported, citing people who claim to have Sony plans knowledge. Sources of the journal also agreed with previous reports, saying that the PlayStation 4 controller are equipped with touch capabilities.

Sony PlayStation organizing a special event tomorrow. The company has so far remained tight-lipped about his plans, but that has not stopped the rumor out a host of features that could come to the unit. Debate remains whether Sony will indeed upgrade the processor of the PlayStation following, or if the announcement will be a device that matches its PlayStation current components, but adds additional features.Either way, the rumor that everyone seems to agree on an element of game based on the cloud in the next PlayStation. The Journal has again quoted sources who claim Sony $ 380 million to buy Gaikai last year will result in support for cloud-gaming on the PlayStation 4. Sources tell the Journal the players will be able to broadcast full PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4 titles but will be delivered on disc yet.

The big question, however, is whether the Sony PlayStation can succeed where the first next-generation console, the Wii U, has stumbled. Nintendo has sold only 57,000 units in January Wii U - an incredibly small number who questioned the average player's appetite for a new console.

Sony will launch its new console later this year. Until then, do not forget to check back tomorrow at 15 pm PT to follow the live blog from CNET all ads.
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