Apple Mac Pro draws from online stores in Europe

Consumers in Europe looking for a Mac Pro are now out of luck, at least trying to buy one online.

Online stores of Apple in the United Kingdom, Italy, Germany, France and other European countries demonstrate all three editions of the Mac Pro as "currently unavailable."

The news is not really a surprise. Apple says retailers and distributors in Europe last month it would stop selling the Mac Pro come March 1 due to new safety regulations. Regulations impose certain requirements and electrical ports of the Mac Pro and amateurs are not in compliance.

Regulations affecting 27 different countries of the European Union. Apple did have until March 1st to restrict sales of Mac Pro through Europe, it is not clear why the company jumped the gun a little earlier. New safety rules apply only Europe, so that the Mac Pro is always available in online stores of Apple in the United States, Japan and other countries outside Europe.

The Mac Pro is the only Apple product that goes against the new security rules. Beyond a few minor changes last year, Apple has not yet updated the Mac Pro for over two years. Last June, Apple CEO Tim Cook teased an update for the office of great power in 2013, saying that we are "working on something big for later next year."

Apple could even have a Mac Pro refresh in stores sooner than later. Earlier this month, two online publications in France reported that a French retailer has received word from Apple that a new Mac Pro would begin this spring.

CNET contacted Apple for comment and will update the story if the company responds.
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