Tablet Tuesday: Get a Lenovo IdeaPad Yoga 11 to $ 598

If you eyeballing a tablet for commercial purposes in mind, a convertible might be the best way forward. You get a full-size QWERTY keyboard when you need it and nothin 'but the screen when you do not.

And if it helps you to remain in the Windows ecosystem, well, you need a convertible car running Windows. Like this: Lenovo IdeaPad Yoga Windows 11 RT convertible for $ 599 shipped when you apply promo code at checkout USPYOGA2C214. (Sales tax may apply in some countries.) This is a full $ 200 on the original price.

If this code does not work / expired, or if you are not interested in the tablet configuration software services and / or support, B & H Photo for $ 598 it comes - no promo code necessary.

Perhaps you've heard of Yoga: Is the hybrid tablet / ultrabook with the keyboard that flips around 360 degrees if you prefer to type instead of type.

This particular configuration has a 11.6-inch display, a Tegra 3 processor, 64GB of storage semiconductor (although I'm not sure how much of what the user is addressable), and RT Windows - applications only version of Windows 8.

It weighs 2.8 pounds - a good weight for a ultrabook, but definitely on the heavy side for a tablet.

Your local CNET has not reviewed Yoga 11 but CNET UK gave it three stars. Their main complaints: price, screen resolution, and lack of applications.

Applications are drops, albeit slowly, and the price is certainly more tolerable to $ 598. As for the resolution, yeah it's on the lower end at 1366 x 768 pixels - but it is quite typical for a laptop of this size.

I agree that I do not even think Yoga 11 to $ 799. But the $ 598 equates, at least pricewise with the iPad, which has a smaller screen and no keyboard. Anyone who wants to get as much as they want to operate may find this worth a look. Your thoughts?

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