Android malware uses micro-even your PC to register

A couple of Android apps masquerading as cleaning tools actually had a mission in mind sneaky.

Discovered last month by Kaspersky, two applications named Superclean DroidCleaner and posed as a software that claims to clean your Android smartphone or tablet. Instead, these two were in fact pieces of malware designed to spy on your conversations infecting your computer.

Work programs by downloading files that run automatically after connecting an Android device on a Windows PC, according to the blog of Kaspersky. After execution, the malware that triggers the audio recording function in Windows, write the information to a file and send the contents to attack distributor.The malware depends on the Autorun feature is enabled Windows for external drives, which is disabled by default in recent versions of the operating system.

Instead, users with older versions of Windows AutoRun renabled or who could be in danger. People have also had to connect their PC to their Android devices, but it is a large group, according to Kaspersky.

"A typical attack victim is the owner of a cheap Android smartphone that connects your smartphone to a PC from time to time, for example, to change the music files on the device," noted blog. "Judging by the sales statistics of Android smartphones, I would say that these people are very numerous. For the attack to be effective, it only lacks a broader distribution."

Why would a cybercriminal record the conversation a PC user is not clear. But the fact that this hack is possible is alarming. And the malware is able to do more than just listen. As noted by Kaspersky applications offered the following directory:

    Sending SMS
    Enabling Wi-Fi
    Collect information on the device
    Open links in a browser arbitrary
    Download entire contents of the SD card
    Download an arbitrary file (or folder) on the server master
    Download all SMS
    Delete all SMS messages
    Download all contacts / photos / the coordinates of the device to the master

Superclean DroidCleaner and no longer appear in Google Play. But their initial stay in the App Store shows that Android users still need to be careful about the software downloaded and installed.
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