Samsung, LG cancel trial Patent Litigation - Report

Samsung and LG Display Display Have Decided to settle disputes through Chaleurs Patents judicial dialogue and not non new report on allegations of Korea.

Yonhap News reported today THAT Leaders Samsung and LG IN UN Meeting Hotel Seoul flow Discuss Their trial. Having left after this meeting, Samsung Display CEO Kim Ki-nam one SAID COMPANIES Yonhap "The Problem solve, not by the UN." LG Display CEO Han Sang-Beom has to declare Quebec lès Officers continue to hold discussions.

LG Display Display sued Samsung in September, alleging What the UN's main Competitors violates patents it holds Sept. agriculture is organic light emitting diode (OLED). Patent infringement claims specifically target OLED panels Samsung tablet mobile society, including the Galaxy S3 and Galaxy Note.In November, Samsung has responded to the Prosecution, saying That LG patents "innovation" Lack and should be made invalid by the Korea Intellectual Property court.

Between the saga Précèdemment Companies Caught in a darker turn When the 11 current and former Employees were Samsung mobile Arrested on charges they allegedly stole and disclosed details on LG AMOLED TV from Samsung. That the flight would have included six workers and LG had a place in 2010 and 2011.

TRENDS KSR contact Taken with Samsung and LG Comment on The Conflict patent. Portals We will have this day When Will U.S. HISTORY, more information ....
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