Apple paid $ 8B for developers, says Cook

The amount of money that Apple has paid developers to continue to grow with the company already distributes $ 8 billion for app makers, Apple CEO Tim Cook said today.

Cook, speaking at a Goldman Sachs conference, said Apple has "huge momentum" in the smartphone market, and a big reason for that is the ecosystem around devices company.

"We built an ecosystem that is the best customer experience on the planet," Cook said.

8 billion compared to Apple's comments in January that the developers had made more than $ 7 billion in the Apple App Store. At that time, he also noted his store downloads top 40 billion, with nearly half coming in 2012.

One of the key advantages over rivals Apple, the number of applications available in its online store. A healthy application can make or break an operating system, and keeping developers happy in terms of money they make is the key.

"You do not see many people who are PC applications," Cook said today. "Innovation has all moved to tablets and smartphones."
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