OLED screens? They are "horrible," said Apple CEO

Apple CEO Tim Cook is certainly not a fan of OLED displays.

Cook, speaking at an investor conference organized by Goldman Sachs in San Francisco today, called the color saturation of the OLED (organic light-emitting diode) displays "horrible".

"If you ever buy something online and I really want to know what color is, like many people, you should really think twice before depending from the color of an OLED," said Cook said. Conversely, Cook called Retina Display Apple a superior experience, noting that it is twice as bright.

This is a blow to mobile devices that tend to use OLED displays, including Samsung Electronics Galaxy S3 flagship smartphone success.

Cook raised the brightness and viewing experience when addressing a question of whether Apple would create an iPhone with a larger screen. He did not want to comment on the company's plans, but criticized the emphasis on the size and characteristics of the companies something when they can not "create an amazing experience."

In the PC industry, for example, companies tend to compete largely on the specifications and prices, he said, suggesting that Apple does not want this kind of combat. He noted that most consumers do not know - or do not care - how fast the processor is on their mobile device or PC, and says he does not matter as long as the experience is great.

"What Apple does not sweat every little detail," he said. "We want the best view, and I think we got it."
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