Apple seizes huge slice of 2012 sales of consumer technology

Apple MacBook Air could be the next to get treatment Retina display, according to a new report.

The Mac maker plans to the Retina display for the MacBook Air in the third quarter of 2013, Taiwan-based Economic Daily newspaper reported today, citing sources in the supply chain of the company. The Retina display comes supplied in both the 11 - and 13-inch MacBook Air, according to the report.

On Apple last week reduced the price of its MacBook Air 256GB $ 100 to $ 1400. The movement was a response to dropping the price of its MacBook Pro with Retina up to $ 1500. Apple has also increased the speed of the processor in its MacBook Pro Retina display line.The has made ​​inroads online Apple Mac. The display upscale came to the MacBook Pro last year. The display is also available in the Apple iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad.

The MacBook Air could be next on the list for the Retina display is not entirely surprising. However, Apple has given no indication that he plans to provide the technology for other products.

In addition to talking about improvements to the MacBook Air, another report of Korea said today Apple next generation iPad come with GF2 display technology, thinner alternative to what is currently running in the device. Mini Apple iPad uses display technology GF2. Adding GF2 should make it easier for Apple to finer full size iPad.

CNET contacted Apple for comment on the report Economic Daily. We will update this story when we have more information.On Apple has experienced a significant increase in sales of consumer technology last year amid a declining market.

The manufacturer of the iPhone won 19.9 percent of all sales of consumer technology in the United States, against 17.3 per cent in 2011, according to statistics released today by the NPD Group.

Based on sales, Apple has proven to be the top consumer brand of the year, overshadowing Samsung, HP, Sony and Dell. Beyond Apple, Samsung does not cut revenue increased from five, reaching 9.3 per cent against 7 per cent the previous year.

Together, Apple and Samsung picked up $ 6.5 billion in increased sales last year, while the rest of the computer industry saw its revenues fall by almost 9.5 billion euros. Collectively, Apple, Samsung, HP, Sony and Dell saw sales increase 45 per cent cut of 42 per cent against 2011.Among all retailers of consumer technology, Best Buy was the top dog in the United States, followed by Walmart, Apple, Amazon and Staples.

But the rest of the industry did not fare as well.

Overall, sales of consumer technology sank 2 percent last year to nearly $ 143 billion, compared with a decrease of 1 percent in 2011. Decline last year means that consumer sales technology fell $ 4 billion since 2010. And part of the problem is simply the saturation.

"Although [consumer electronics] is a dynamic industry, the fact is that the spectacular growth in recent years has made growth more difficult today," NPD analyst Stephen Baker said in a statement. "Most market segments have high penetration rates and the demand for additional devices slowed or declining. Tablets and smartphones were able to stimulate demand for additional devices, but unfortunately did not enough, yet, to support positive growth trends. "

The five main segments - smartphones, tablets, laptops, desktops and flat screen TVs - won 53 percent of all sales of consumer technology last year, an increase of 49 percent year Previous. But the results vary considerably among the five.
Sales of smartphones and tablets have increased last year by 25 percent and 42 percent, respectively. The other three categories all saw their sales decline. Demand continued to gnaw Tablet PC sales and office laptops. And consumers are buying fewer big-screen TVs, despite falling prices. However, Baker sees a glimmer of hope from the results of the last quarter.

"While sales have fallen in consumer technology for the second consecutive year, there was a slight increase in the fourth quarter, which is a source of optimism," Baker said. "After struggles with classes declining markets and more saturated in recent years, the fourth quarter may be the first sign that even as consumer technology mature industry can grow again, but with a very different dynamic the earlier growth spurts. "
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