HTC Droid specifications to DNA, iPhone 5, Z10

Brand new HTC flagship smartphone, the HTC One is a beautiful piece all-aluminum machinery smartphones by the standards. Brian Bennett CNET hands-on with the Android phone Jelly Bean before the launch event today.

With two speakers, a new feature in BoomSound Beats Audio, and a version reboot layer interface HTC Sense includes a new feature called Blink, and an IR blaster to act as a TV remote, the HTC packs certainly some interesting extras.

HTC flagship device should appear in the U.S. in March for T-Mobile, AT & T and Sprint. It will cost you $ 199.99 for the 32GB version and $ 299.99 for the 64GB version.

Convincing? Yes. But how to compare HTC hottest competition? See our table below for the range-spec spec-en against DNA HTC Droid, BlackBerry Z10, and the iPhone 5, and do not forget to read the hands on impressions Brian for more.

We will have pictures and videos to come as soon as we can get, and will update this table with more features as they are announced.
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