Sony files patent for EyePad

Sony eyeing its own EyePad by a patent, but it is not a gadget designed to compete with Apple's popular tablet.

Instead, the Sony would act as a control input for an entertainment console and could end up as a controller of the current and future PlayStation.

Released last week by the European Patent Office, the patent describes a Sony wireless controller that resembles a small tablet with a touch-sensitive surface. Motion detectors would be able to detect the movement and position of the controller. The device could also wear a pair of stereoscopic cameras that could pick up movement over its surface.

Using two cameras, EyePad could allow people to interact with one of the virtual EyePets Sony, the patent explains below:

     Depth maps of the two stereoscopic cameras describe the location of points on the surface of the index finger of the user within the common volume and, therefore, it is possible to calculate whether the surface points coincides with the model surface of the virtual EyePet. This gives the user the accuracy of EyePet race to the ear, nose tap, tickle his belly, or otherwise interact with it in very specific ways, and indeed to do so for any position or arbitrary orientation they hold the EyePad in.

The patent mentions the PlayStation 3. But assuming that technology becomes reality, Sony could pair it with the next PlayStation 4. The Company will host an event in New York tomorrow during which he is expected to announce the PS4 and possibly other new gaming devices.

Apple is not too happy with the device being dubbed the EyePad. But the name Sony continues the tradition of using the word "eyes" of its products, including the PlayStation Eye camera and EyePet.
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