Battery charger fuel Powertrekk be published in spring

Although circulating around at trade shows for a while, including Mobile World Congress 2011 and CES 2012, the phone charger PowerTrekk is designed to ultimately the United States at the end of this quarter.Although the unit of $ 229 is peddled as a charger can charge your phone just on water alone, it is not that simple.

To use the PowerTrekk, you must also purchase a $ 4 Pukk PowerTrekk. Once you add a small amount of water (about half a shot), and add a Pukk a schedule, it will immediately begin to separate hydrogen from water, its use as a fuel to charge your phone.

Each product will Pukk 2.5 watts at 5 volts, which is good for a full load on the iPhone. If electricity is available, but you can also charge the internal battery in separate PowerTrekk can power your phone later.

When I held the unit iWorld in San Francisco, it was indeed very light despite its industrial look, and in a situation where there is no sun, I can see it coming in handy.

However, there is much debate about the usefulness of such a product can be. Not only is it quite heavy in form, but you will need to continually buy more Pukks to use the device several times. Compared to solar chargers and chargers that run on kinetic energy, it can become useless and expensive.
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