Box speakers are so yesterday, please turn Gallo Strada 2

I was shocked by Anthony Gallo Acoustics "Reference origin Strada when I heard it in a hi-fi show a few years ago. Small speakers projected sound that rivaled the scale of large, flat screen speakers, as my Magnepans. I've never been able to review the Strada, but when I heard that the Strada reference 2 came out I let the company know that I wanted a pair ASAP.

Unpack the speakers, it was impossible not to be impressed by the strength of cast aluminum chassis and brushed stainless steel spheres. 2 Strada is 13.5 inches tall, and when I held it in my hands he felt surprisingly heavy - it is 13.5 pounds. My review focused samples prepared in a large stainless steel with a black frame, and Gallo also offers them in a black finish. Strada 2 can be oriented horizontally and used as speaker center channel in a 5.1 channel system. Gallo also offers floor stands and wall mounts designed to be used with the Strada Strada Strada 2s.The and 2 are similar, but drivers 4 inch carbon fiber have been redesigned to play louder with the same amount of watts and mixing between the drivers and the tweeter has been improved. Gallo Strada has 2 exclusive cylindrical tweeter that projects high frequencies in a 180 degree arc uniform, no conventional dome tweeter can. The speakers produce a larger, more "open" sound than most speaker box, speaker box, even much more expensive. 2 Strada is the rare high-end speaker that can be used both as a speaker office / computer, hi-fi or home cinema speaker. With speakers bureau that you hear more of the direct sound from the speaker you do with hi-fi speakers. This "near-field" approach pays dividends wholesale clarity, resolution and accurate stereo image. Even when you are sitting a few meters from Strada 2s sound floats in space in front of them. Certainly, these speakers do not do much deep bass, but I do not feel a strong urge to connect a subwoofer when I used it on my desk. For home theater, I added a Gallo TR-1D sub, but I'm sure some people will want a submarine for service bureau.

2 amazing clarity Strada on drums and percussion instruments is unmatched by any speaker desktop another, Magnepan Mini Maggie flatscreen speakers may be in league 2 Strada, but I not have them here to compare directly. Despite this, small, 14 inches tall Maggies need lots of space around them to look their best, while I 2s Strada just the wall behind my desk. KEF monitors LS50 can not touch the transparency of 2 Strada and spacious imaging, but the biggest LS50s be much lower.

2s Strada also shone in my home theater with two channels. The speakers seemed awfully small next to my 6-foot tall Magnepan 3.7 to flat screen speakers, but the 2s Strada seemed almost as big. Again, their strengths clarity that most speakers boxes that have crossed my listening room. Dialogue seems natural and large-scale explosions home theater and other special effects look good, but below what you get with tall towers and large subwoofers. Again, most people are looking for smaller speakers rather than large and 2s Strada be considered.

Like hi-fi speakers 2s Strada sounded refined and natural with all kinds of classic and acoustic music. Rock was not far behind, 2 speakers and sub Strada TR-1D form a powerful combination.

Gallo sells direct and through resellers. Strada 2 runs $ 999 each, and this price includes choosing a wall mount or table stand. I will examine satellite speakers Gallo smaller and more affordable in April.
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