Support the video expansion with Firefox and H.264 WebRTC

Mozilla, who bowed to the market power of the H.264 video compression technology last year, has now built support for standard patent encumbered in the version of Firefox Nightly on Windows 7.

Mozilla can not really ship H.264 in its open-source product due to the requirements of the patent license, he instead decided to adapt Firefox to draw on the support H.264 embedded systems operatings newer. The first step is - if it is not fully tested and debugged - Windows 7, according to a blog post today Mozilla.

Mozilla has thrown its weight behind a codec free from Google, VP8, but it has not caught on nearly as large as H.264, and Google scrapped a promise to abandon H.264 Chrome. Two years ago, Google said it would drop support "in the coming months."

Some of the weight comes from effective power H.264 decoding chips activated in almost all smartphones on the market today. On personal computers, Adobe Systems Flash Player frequently handles video decoding, but it is forbidden to iOS. Maybe Mozilla will have his revenge through WebRTC, an emerging standard real-time video or audio chat on the web. The new version also has support Nightly WebRTC enabled by default. We do not know what codec based WebRTC video chat will use, but it is possible VP8 can be specified as mandatory implementation of the standard. A confrontation on March WebRTC video could resolve the issue, but it is also possible not all be specified codec, what happened with the video embedded in HTML Web pages.

WebRTC faces a challenge in the form of Microsoft, which favors a low level he called CU-RTC-Web. Microsoft believes WebRTC is difficult to implement, but one of its critical interoperability has been made obsolete with the arrival of Chrome and Firefox that can communicate using WebRTC.

Firefox Nightly new version is also suitable for the touch interface centered on Windows 8.

The first version of Firefox Nightly includes the latest updates every six weeks, it becomes Firefox Aurora and Firefox beta, the final version of Firefox.
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