cHuawei MWC 2013 News: Join us Sunday (live blog)

BARCELONA, Spain - On Sunday, we'll see how well that Huawei achieve its ambition to become a leading manufacturer of smartphone.

It was then that the company will and forth plans to start a brand new phone in Mobile World Congress at a press conference. CNET will be there to provide all the details on this phone - you can expect a top model Android - and probably other news as well.

CNET Luke Westaway UK photographer Sarah Tew, and I will provide news, photos and comments of the event. It starts at 3 pm PT, which is 2 pm local time in Barcelona.

You can connect to the live blog here:

      Huawei Mobile World Congress press conference

Huawei debuted with the network equipment, but he works hard with his fellow Chinese phone maker ZTE to become a consumer brand, too. He has not had much success in cracking the leading handset market United States, but it has pumped a steady stream of new devices running the Android operating system from Google. CES, Huawei Ascend debuted Mate phablet one with a huge 6.1-inch screen, Ascend and D2, which seems small in comparison with a 5-inch screen.

This work has raised the profile of Huawei in the past year. But Huawei is undesirable attention, too, as he faces scrutiny Chinese espionage by the U.S. government.

As usual, we will use for ScribbleLive for blow-by-blow coverage starting about 15 minutes before the press conference begins
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