Court rejects Apple's request for expedited appeal to ban Samsung

Apple's request to accelerate the sales ban on Samsung products was rejected by the Court of Appeal circuit.

As reported by Reuters yesterday lost iPhone and manufacturer of his attempt to rush the process of appeal. We must now wait for a review by a panel of three judges of the appeal before potentially reaching the plenary Court.

Apple is calling the rejection of the U.S. District Court for a permanent injunction on Samsung products after certain victory last year Apple in its patent battle large leading to a price of $ 1.05 billion Apple to damages.

During the appeal of Apple products disputed Samsung - who are mainly older devices - will remain on the shelves. It is probably not too worried about the outcome of Samsung either. But if permanent ban sale is finally approved, it could open the door for Apple to advocate the prohibition of sales of Samsung smartphones and new tablets. Brian Love, a professor at Santa Clara University School of Law, told Reuters that Apple's request for an immediate review has never been anything but a long shot. "In a sense, Apple asked to" cut off the tail, and judges are generally reluctant to give in some cases a special treatment, "he said.

At the end of January, the same court rejected Apple's request to extend the ban to the most sought after Samsung smartphones, including the Galaxy Nexus. In addition, a decision after trial, dismissed an increased demand compensation after Apple rejected Samsung did not "willfully" infringing on patents smartphone and tablet manufacturer.
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