EyeSight gesture technology to transform your finger in a remote

Thank you for smartphones, tablets and Windows 8, touching and scanning the common ways to interact with televisions, computers and mobile devices. But what if you want to do the same thing without touching the screen at all?

This is exactly what the sight Technologies, a company based in Israel that focuses on digital interaction, today announced its new tracking technology at your fingertips. The company calls it the "first world technology goodwill gesture to allow users to control digital devices with a finger."
In a nutshell, this technology enables touch-based interaction-style devices, but without touching it real. Instead, you simply point the finger to a screen about the same distance that you can use a TV remote, about 15 feet away. You move your finger in the air to control the cursor on the screen and make a virtual click for valve control. When used with a computer, which is similar to the use of a wireless mouse, with the finger instead of the mouse.

EyeSight said his gesture technology based software works with different types of devices, including TVs, set-top boxes, computers, embedded infotainment and advertising signs, even digital. The basic requirement is a basic 2D Webcam - similar to those found in many laptops or mobile devices - integrated or connected via a peripheral port of the device in question. The touch screen is not to support this technology to work.

As you can see in the demo videos, it seems that there is a little lag between the movement of the finger and the cursor movement, but on the whole technology seems to work well, especially with large screens for simple interactions. It is unlikely, however, that this would work well, for example, typing long documents.
However, this technology gesture will make an excellent addition to the user effective methods, especially when, by order, the cost is minimal. It is similar to the more expensive Microsoft Kinect motion detection technology, which reads body movements and requires two special cameras.

The solution fingertips new monitoring should be integrated in the hardware or operating system level by the manufacturer or developer, this means that you will not be able to buy the software, install it on your computer and hope it works.

view says it is now offering software development kits (SDK) for Windows, Android and Linux platforms and works with hardware vendors to implement new technology. The company also claims that consumers can expect the first products with this technology built into some time this year. And couch potatoes will not even need to get up to find the distance more.
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