Sprint CEO: No change in prices should smartphones

Sprint Nextel will not abandon its unlimited data plan or current pricing structure so soon.

The company has no plans to change its current CEO Dan Hesse said during a conference call with investors today.

"We always reserve the right to make changes, but we do not expect at all," said Hesse. During recent years, stuck Sprint unlimited data plan smartphones even as rivals such as AT & T and Verizon Wireless plans have moved the boundaries and family-type packets. Hesse considers the offer to be the means of unlimited Sprint to stand out from the pack.

More recently, T-Mobile has encroached on the turf Sprint offers an unlimited amount of data its own, including one that does not require a contract.

Both carriers behind AT & T and Verizon on key financial indicators such as customer growth, revenue, profitability and profits, and feel the pressure to offer more to win more customers.

While Sprint offers an unlimited data plan, it is hampered by a slow deployment of its 4G LTE network and a delay in the advancement of Network Vision plan to upgrade its infrastructure. Hesse conceded that Sprint has experienced delays in 2012 with the upgrade, and he and his team are committed to catch up rivals.

"We are working hard to catch up delays in 2012," said Steve Elfman, COO of Sprint network.

Sprint has 8,000 sites "on the air", or running, then it is either the preparation or in the middle of, updating more than 19,500 other websites, Elfman said.

Sprint 4G LTE network in 58 cities with 170 expected to get faster service in the coming months.

However, Sprint got knocked for deployment slower, which helped small towns rather than large metropolitan areas like New York or San Francisco, which CNET reported may not get 4G until March. Hesse Sprint was admitted at a disadvantage compared to AT & T and Verizon. Even T-Mobile 4G network touted the country. Although it uses a different technology, it is a swagger that Sprint can not do it because he has abandoned the 4G WiMax network more.

Sprint is expected to cover 200 million people with 4G LTE by the end of the year, although Elfman warned that may slip in early 2014.

Because of the inconvenience, Hesse said he does not believe Sprint can increase its prices. He did not consider a price change until the company was in a stronger position in the network, which, according to him, are the second semester.

Sprint, meanwhile, is also expected to stimulate growth through strong sales of tablets. The company recently received the iPad, but has not had the chance to properly market the product. Hesse said Sprint has not had the chance to create marketing materials that meet Apple, but the iPad would promote a home this year. He noted that the shelves are a good part of AT & T and Verizon customer growth, and Sprint may see similar growth in the region.
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