Facebook: Ravens win, Beyonce most cited for the Super Bowl

The victory of the Ravens, Beyonce, and failure on the list of most talked about Super Bowl moments on Facebook, the social networking giant said today.

And even if the San Francisco 49ers lost the game, head coach Jim Harbaugh has received 98 percent more overall mentions in posts and comments that his brother and Baltimore head coach John Harbaugh. Terms of Beyonce, who performed at halftime, began to increase just before 8 pm ET. In 20 hours 22 mentions of his name had jumped nearly 49,000 percent, Facebook said. Appearance Destiny's Child with Beyonce was the eighth most discussed moment of the night, and refers to the group members Kelly and Michelle jumped 10,000 percent.

After Beyoncé performance, many people, she said "he killed" with the phrase jump more than 40,000 percent.

And this leads to the third most talked about moment - the blackout in the Superdome. With people say Beyonce killed during his performance, they also said it killed the transmit power. Refers to "lights" on Facebook has jumped 66,000 percent to about 8:37 p.m. ET.

The Super Bowl is one of the biggest events of the year, with many people weighing on Facebook, Twitter and other sites. Facebook noted that the Super Bowl last year was the. Most talked about sporting event on the site and the second-mentioned event of the entire year, second only to the presidential election in November

For this report, references Facebook anonymous aggregate keyword made in the posts and comments throughout the game. In the overall standings, he mentions stored by global players and to see what times moved up. Percentage increases for specific terms, he compared the number of references to the summit of term report and that the average number of reference mentions made before the game.

Here are the highlights of Super Bowl XLVII, according to Facebook:

    Ravens win the Super Bowl
    Halftime performance of Beyonce
    Blackout in the Superdome
    Jacoby Jones 108-yard kickoff return for a touchdown Ravens (Justin Tucker kick and field goal)
    Joe Flacco has 56 yards for a touchdown Jones Ravens (and kick field goal Tucker)
    Flacco has Anquan Boldin to 13 yards for a touchdown Ravens (and kick field goal Tucker)
    Frank Gore six yards for a touchdown 49ers (and David Akers-kick field goal)
    Destiny's Child with Beyonce surprise appearance during the halftime show
    Ray Lewis retirement
    Akers' kick field goal from the 27-yard line
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