Foxconn Employee: Hey, you must join the union

Foxconn Technology Group is implementing a plan to increase employee participation in the union, the company said today in a statement obtained by trends ksr.

"As part of efforts to implement the action plan that was developed in collaboration with the Fair Labor Association (FLA) as a result of the assessment they conducted in early 2012, Foxconn launches measures to improve the representation of employees in the Union Foxconn work and raising employee awareness of the organization, "the company wrote in a statement today.

Apple in FLA last year to inspect the facilities of Foxconn and determine whether there were violations of labor. The FLA has determined that Foxconn - which manufactures devices for a number of high-profile high-tech - would need to make a lot of changes to its operation, including reducing overtime and wage increases. Foxconn has already implemented many of the FLA recommendations.In his statement, Foxconn said it had a union staff representative elections since 2008. His first marriage and the head of the Federation of Trade Unions Foxconn, was created in 2007. Staff representatives are chosen in elections by their peers, and these votes are held every three years.

Development of Foxconn with its latest initiative is to increase the number of subordinates in his union. The company claims to have implemented a number of reforms to achieve this goal, and they will be printed in a booklet for employees, entitled "Guidelines for the junior employee representative electoral process."

Union efforts Foxconn have been criticized repeatedly. In November, for example, the Economic Policy Institute, a think tank that focuses on the needs of low-and middle-income countries, wrote an article criticizing Foxconn, among others, issues of representation within the steering committee the union.

For its part, argues that Foxconn already provided a union representative and his last efforts will only support previous efforts.

"Our employees are our greatest asset and we are fully committed to ensuring they have a positive work environment and satisfying, which includes a greater involvement in the work Foxconn Union and a more effective representation of their interests in the union, "the company said. "Our hope is that our efforts to implement these reforms will not only benefit Foxconn, but also help to raise the standards and practices of the industry in China."
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