Football helmet sensor warns of the risk of concussion by phone app

 As the Ravens take the 49ers to New Orleans this weekend at the 47th Bol possible, physicians will be on the lookout for head injuries. There were over 160 in the NFL 2012-13 season, and it became a bigger problem that players are becoming stronger.

The problem is that many concussions are not detected. Impakt Protective Shockbox helmet is a g-force sensor that measures the impact of a player sustains and gauges whether a medical examination is in order.

The device can adapt to any helmet with a space in the middle of padding to be all against the hull. It can be used in football, hockey, lacrosse and snow sports such as skiing and snowboarding.

As seen in the ad below, if you have been hit too hard, the sensor will send an alert color code to your mobile device via Bluetooth, an orange alert will be sent to blows over 50 G, and a red alert is sent to blows over 90 G. A free application for Android, iOS and BlackBerry interpreting data Shockbox. At $ 149, the latest Shockbox sensor is a flexible rubber band about 5 cm long, and it looks like a wristwatch.

It consists of a transmitter Bluetooth, micro USB, rechargeable lithium-ion battery, and a button that activates the Bluetooth pairing and battery checks.

Shockboxes up to 128 can be coupled to a simple phone, so coaches can use the app to monitor the success of the team over time.

Ontario-based Impakt Protective has been selling sensors to junior hockey teams, one team in the NHL is to be used to collect data on visits.

Shockbox following other sensors such as the proposed helmet Shockometer, the telemetry system head impact (HITS), and a cap Reebok and MC10 boot, but none has seen wide acceptance.
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