Java updates for Snow Leopard Apple blocking following

Following another recent security issue Java, Apple has released an update that adds the latest versions of the browser plug-in system of blacklisting to protect users against all potential threats, but doing it quietly blocked a number of people required to access content such as Java banking and financial websites.

To manage this problem, if you need Java, then the latest version of Oracle (version 1.7.0_13), which was published yesterday should have addressed security vulnerabilities and get your system running. You can download for Mac OS X Lion or mountain lion from its Oracle Java Downloads page.

Unfortunately, the runtime Java 7 is not available for users of Snow Leopard, the latest version is Java 6. However, Apple has released its own separate update of Java 6 for Snow Leopard to fix vulnerabilities in this version. The update, which should be available through the service software update should start automatically or can be invoked from the Apple menu.

Given the flood of recent security issues with Java if you do not need Java, then you might consider avoiding use on your system, or at least be sure to disable the plug-in for Web it. While Java is a powerful runtime environment and a number of useful programs use the avenue of exploitation, it is almost exclusively the Web plug-in component of the environment of execution, so if you find that you do not have installed, then you might consider at least disable the plug-in in the Java Control Panel (or Java Preferences utility for Apple's Java SE 6).
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