How Boeing 777-300ER could help save American Airlines

He became world's most popular twin, but so far, no U.S. carrier has flown Boeing 777-300ER. But with the launch of its Dallas Thursday in Sao Paolo, Brazil flight, American Airlines has innovated and is now based on its young fleet of Boeing 777-300ER to re-earn his wings once legendary. And make lots of money.

Among the many passengers on the inaugural flight to Sao Paolo was Chris Sloan, a writer of aviation flying plans often most notable in heaven. Sloan, who has already expressed his thoughts on the inaugural flight Boeing 787 Dreamliner business with CNET, once again we let on what it is to be among the first people to board a notable world-class aircraft. As noted by Sloan, recent years have not been kind to American Airlines. The carrier went bankrupt, becoming unbolted seats, a catastrophic accident, and more.

But the company does its best to return from the dead, and the launch of the service on board Boeing 777-300ER, as well as the implementation of the new livery, show that the U.S. can not be counted.

As Sloan wrote:

     At a time when smaller aircraft, American launched the 777-300, the largest new airliner by a U.S. carrier since the last Boeing 747-400s entered service with American planes in the 1990s. Designed to handle up to 386 passengers and fly up to 7.825 nautical miles, U.S. 777-300ER is the first plane piloted by a U.S. carrier to have a bar waiting since the 1970s, Sloan wrote. U.S. fleet of aircraft in a 304-passenger configuration, four classes and six cabin.

     This inaugural flight 963 from Dallas / Ft penalty São Paulo, Brazil, for the author is one of the largest in the airline industry in the years because it is something much bigger than just the launch of a new aircraft, it is the rebirth of a proud American institution happens to bear the name of our country - American Airlines.
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