Forty years ago, the Ohm F speaker was a game-changer, it is still ...

Lincoln Walsh died a year before its speaker technology radically innovative commercial debuted the F Ohm Acoustics in 1972. The featured speaker driver omnidirectional Walsh has planned a massive stereo sound image. At the time of its introduction, the $ 900 per pair Ohm F was hailed as one of the greatest orators of all time by the international press. It sounded like nothing else, and the only 12-inch driver produces truncated cone low frequency, midrange and treble (17kHz to 37Hz). The driver has an upper aluminum titanium middle and lower frequency of the paper with only one voice coil to the upper part of the driver. Even today, in good faith, full frequency drivers like this are rare. Ohms and cabinets were made in Brooklyn.

According to President John Strohbeen Ohm, Fs the early production had "functionality problems." "They need to go 300 watts, and 301 to make them jump," said Strohbeen with a chuckle. Ohm can not fix them, so they replaced the drivers broken by the warranty. Engineers kept redesigning the driver to improve reliability, but it was the introduction of ferrofluid cooling coils that cured the woes of the reliability of F.

Unlike speaker Sound Box project before, F radiated low frequency, midrange and treble in a 360 degree pattern. The sound quality was so far ahead of what was available from conventional speakers box F remained in production for 12 years, until 1984, but by that time the price has more than quadrupled to $ 3.995 per pair!

The plant Ohm Acoustics is still in Brooklyn and still offers upgrades factory speakers F. It is remarkable - how many companies do you know that the 40-year fixed services products - but this is what separates high-end audio gear current. Ohm currently offers a complete range of Walsh omni-directional speakers, with prices starting at $ 1,400 a pair. Ohm sells factory direct with a generous 120-day trial period at home
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