Grand Theft Auto V delayed until September

Say sayonara to a release date in spring: Developer Rockstar Games has announced that it has postponed the release date of the highly anticipated Grand Theft Auto V to 17 September on Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.

Blog post Rockstar noted that violent adventure game in an open world "needs a little more polite to be the standard that we, and more importantly you need." It only took a few hours to the blog to receive comments 2500 fans of the series, and as expected, many of these comments contained colorful words that strongly criticized the delay of GTA V. The negative response got so heated that a representative from Rockstar changed the blog asking the community to address their "abusive" comments. Several hours later, Rockstar has added a second comment in response to apparent "conspiracy theories", affirming once again it only delayed the game because "we want the game to be as good as it should be" and there was not a thought "reason for the delay."

Following today's announcement the parent company, Take-Two Interactive has seen its shares slide nearly 7 percent to close at $ 12.17.
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