Get a Mini Kobo e-reader for $ 59.99

Tablets are great and all, but if you're mostly in reading, it's hard to beat e-reader. Eye-friendly screens, ultra-light design, incredible autonomy - the benefits go on and on.

And do not forget the price. Amazon Kindle input range is now reduced to $ 69. But here's an even easier option portfolio: Best Buy Mini Kobo e-reader for $ 59.99 shipped (plus tax). This is for the white model black literally sold while I was writing this post.

Therefore, it is only a difference of $ 10, right? And when you take into account sales tax, you save nothing. But consider this: the Mini Kobo has a touch screen, while the $ 69 Kindle does not. It is a slightly smaller screen, too (5 inches), which means that it is a little easier to pocket. And 4.7 ounces, is the lightest e-reader currently available.

I also like that it has a removable back cover you can exchange for a color it sold separately. Points for style.

As with other e-readers, you can browse and buy books on the device (assuming it is a Wi-Fi connection is available). You can also place books DRM EPUB and Adobe. That said, you are locked in for the Kobo store bestsellers and others, the lack of access to Amazon or Barnes & Noble class library can be an outlet for some readers.

Indeed, I am aware of the Mini Kobo is a hard sell. I probably would not buy one myself, even if it's largely because I'm pretty invested in Amazon e-book ecosystem already. But for $ 59.99, which would make a great gift for someone who does not yet have an e-reader.

In all cases, see CNET review of the Mini Kobo, then press the comments to let me know what you think. Would you choose this on a non-touch Kindle announcement responsible?

Many Bonus: Game time! For a limited time, Steam has the action-RPG-FPS Borderlands (PC) for $ 4.99. I've been waiting on it, the game normally sells for $ 20. Alternatively, get a game Borderlands editing of the year for $ 7.49, I wish I had seen before catching another. You can also mark Borderlands 2 for $ 29.99, a significant discount - although it will probably still cheaper in a few months.

Bonus deal No. 2: Speaking of games, today only, and while supplies last, JustDeals renovated Sony PlayStation 3 Slim game console 160 GB for $ 199.99, plus $ 5 for shipping . I have more fondness for the PS3, which doubles as a Blu-ray player and do not pay extra for things like online gaming and streaming Netflix.
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