"New game options," not to conduct better graphics PS4 - Report

Despite the rhetoric of the PlayStation 4 is something of a central graphics, a new report highlights the importance of internal improvements will be set aside for "new game options."

Sony plans to make a series of "new game options" in its next console the development of the device when it is released on February 20, Japan-based Nikkei news outlet reported today, citing an official non-identified Sony Computer Entertainment. Engadget was the first to report on the results of the Nikkei.

Rumors suggested that Sony will unveil a major update to its PlayStation 3. These rumors have indicated that the company could include a processor eight core AMD and other major hardware upgrades. However, the Nikkei report, according to Engadget, seems to suggest that if Sony offers new plus-powered components in its next device, they will take a backseat to the options. Playing So, what kind of game options are come? According to Engadget, the source of the Nikkei said the console will be able to connect with mobile devices and share data across both devices. Multi-screen efforts have long been a part of Sony's strategy. PlayStation Vita company, for example, can synchronize with the PlayStation 3 to create a gaming experience with dual screen.

The source also said that Sony was planning to shoot the next PlayStation in a "nerve center" of home entertainment and would be unveiled at Sony February 20 event. The console is expected to launch at some point later this year.
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