Sony launches on Android 4.1 to Xperia smartphones

Owners of Sony Xperia Xperia T and V can expect a dose of 4.1 Android soon.

Sony said yesterday that it has begun deploying its Jelly Bean first batch of Xperia smartphones. Xperia Xperia T and V are the first on the list, while the Xperia TX is due sometime in March. The deployment will continue to rise over this month and next, Sony added.

Xperia owners will receive a notification when the update is available for phone models. Most users will be able to download the software over the air. But some may have to install it on their computer using PC Companion or Sony deck for Mac software.

In December, Sony has unveiled its schedule update to Android 4.1 in early 2013. The J Xperia, Xperia P and Xperia Go are designed for Jelly Bean at the end of March, with the Xperia S, SL, S and Xperia Acro Xperia Ion sometime after that.The new update includes Android 4.1 Jelly Bean with Sony's own range of new and enhanced features. Mesh its software Xperia Android 4.1, the company promises a number of improvements.

The Walkman applications, Album, and the films were changed to be more intuitive. Users will be able to customize their screen with widgets that resize automatically. Sorting applications in the taskbar should also be easier.

A new search function into the tray helps people to find their applications. And the camera has been strengthened by a better viewfinder and a faster way to switch between the front and rear.

Xperia users can view the page update Sony to see if and when Jelly Bean is ready to topple on their phones.
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