How Apple is serious about style

When Frog Design founder Hartmut Esslinger met Steve Jobs in 1982, it triggered a series of events that changed the monumental design philosophy of Apple forever. It was not just a change in how future products look like - Esslinger marked the beginning of a change in mindset and a unified design language for all products.

Esslinger's new book, "Design Ahead: Creative Strategies for Change Sustainable" now available in the United States, offers a fascinating insight into these crucial early years at Apple. The dialect of this period, known as the design language of Snow White, influenced dozens of Apple devices beginning with the Apple IIc in 1984 and lasted until the IIfx Macintosh in 1990.

Our gallery below starts with a line of computers that have won a contract Frog Design Annual and heavy a leader in the design process of Apple products. The two companies have not only create computers, however, they went beyond and created a model tablet, computer, telephone, flat-screen devices, and more.
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