Half of parents joined Facebook to spy on children?

I always imagined that adults entered the world of Facebook because they wanted to relive their teenage years, to find a new lover, or "connect" with long-lost relatives they never really loved.

However, a new piece of research has shown psychotropics.

My inability to regularly read the Online Education Database has been mitigated by Mashable and led me to a new appreciation of the adult world.

For these vital statistics revealed that American parents are not trying to imitate the children as well as spying.

It is perfectly well known that children can be trusted about as much as reports in Pravda during the Brezhnev era.

Thus, parents feel compelled to take drastic action to join so they can beat them. In a psychological sense, you understand.

Indeed, this study suggests that half of the parents to sign in with Facebook at least in part to see what their children are taking drugs, who they associate with and what they really think, well, their parents .

An excitable 43 percent of parents admit they check Facebook pages for their children every day.

Some 92 percent make it so easy for themselves by openly become Facebook friends with their children.

Some might come to the inescapable conclusion that American parents are not very bright.

If they are so obvious that they are snooping on their children by friending, they could not imagine that children, in turn, can not be fully expressed on Facebook, instead of choosing to go to Tumblr , Instagram, or some other relatively obscure place? Could this be one reason why several recent studies have suggested that children think Facebook is old?

Numbers database online offer education that a third of children are their parents defriend "if they could."

I, however, I remain fascinated how adults are exposed.

For the children - just, you know, for adjustments and laughter - trawl through the pages of Facebook and their parents speculate on which of their Facebook friends are former (or even current) lover.

Certainly, children take a look at the profile pictures of them and pray that they never, ever end up like shriveled and alcohol soaked some of them appear.

Given that children are far more tech savvy than their parents will never, could they be spies much better than their parents?

While adults believe to be skillful in following the children, I think it is the children who get more info on this exchange of social networking - information they will choose to use just when they need .

Blackmail never goes out of style.
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