Why Google stores should not look so much like Apple stores

Some engineers have never released a real person.

They tried, but it is difficult for them to understand that real people do not necessarily use the data to make decisions - especially when it comes to love.

Perhaps their most embarrassing moments come when they try to imitate that non-engineers do to make themselves more attractive.

This reflects some of the small problems that the Google brand had over the years to become, well, man.

When you have spent your life believing that all the facts are, it is difficult to imagine that people might prefer, oh, rounded corners or the ephemeral thing, sometimes known as taste.

Google has made progress with some of its advertisements. "Time Jess" Chrome announcement was one of the best high-tech advertisements of 2012.

Yet, when Google erred in detail, it is believed that everything you need is online or offline store a must look a little like Apple.

This is something which also fights against Microsoft. It was almost comical when a Microsoft employee told me that the store looked - at first sight - a bit like the Apple Store, because the company has used the same design firm.

This week, rumors surfaced that Google wants to make the next step to come to mankind with its own shopping center, retail presence.

The evidence so far from its pop-up stores - as the picture above shows - is that Google does not think different. Or, at least, quite different.

If it has the intention to get people - to be himself - instead of having nice, clean retail staff in blue T-shirts (? What brand do you remember), he must embrace his true heart.

It must be real nerds house trained, filled with headboard and clothing in poor taste, there for all to see. Yes, you can have nice, normal members of staff there to translate for them.

But the purpose of a retail store is not just to sell. This is to create street theater. Apple has its own version. Google must find its own too.

Instead almost cliché lines clean and white permanent, it should resemble excitable shops, arcades sophisticated college where books about dragons and hands are located on large Hulk episodes of "Star Trek" and " Game of Thrones "is playing on huge screens.It must fully expose as a brand that came out of nerdomania parading his nerdomanic trends for all to see and make nice.

You might think that marginally insane. You might think that I suffer from delusions of cognac.

Yet "The Big Bang Theory" has proven to be one of television's most popular, not because nerds are hidden, but because they are conspicuous, with a beautiful counterpoint in a real person named Penny.

Imagine taking your children, your lover or your grandmother in a store Google and having them enjoy learning something, say, comics and Hermann von Helmholtz.

Imagine walking in and one of Google nerds dressed as The Flash, Batman, Wonder Woman or the day, but always finds a way to sell you a fascinating Nexus 7.

In fact, it would not be a great idea of ​​human resources, as well as a stimulus to make the products more edifying if every Google engineer had to spend some time working in a retail store Google?

Mountain View should certainly exploit the noblest, the fantastic elements of reality in order to create something unique and spectacular.

Otherwise, shops may simply be accused of being Apple scammers.

And you know where it will ultimately end up. Yes, before Judge Lucy Koh.
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