Not separate components sound better than AV receivers?

There is no doubt that the best receivers today are loud and packed with a wide range of features. Even the entry-level models paired with a good 5.1 speaker / subwoofer system can do a good job, but some buyers aim higher. They may have invested in a screen of 65 inches or more, or perhaps a video projector and a 120-inch screen. They want a sound that corresponds to the size of the image, and they can get that only with discrete components, such as the Outlaw Audio Model 975 Surround Processor and Power Amp Model 7125.

All the features of the model 975 Surround Processor is quite minimalist, making it a good alternative to today's increasingly difficult to use receivers. The Model 975 has been designed to look good, but if you need input USB, 4K upscaling, Audyssey Auto Calibration, Wi-Fi, Air Play, HD Radio, Internet Radio, Bluetooth or Ethernet, model no 975 will not cut it. Admittedly, there are only four HDMI inputs, and this could be a deal-breaker for some potential customers, but I like everything else on the surround processor, including its sleek facade. It is a pleasure to use.

I listened to the Outlaw Model 975 with 7125 amps, and if you look under the hood than you will see why no receiver, including lots of $ 2000 or $ 3000 small, can match the sound of a good amp designed specifically dedicated. Receivers do not have enough space to accommodate the massive power transformers, power capacitors and heat sinks to the output transistors you see in power amplifiers, such as the model 7125.

I auditioned the model 975/7125 combo with the Pioneer navigation system PK52-SP speaker with subwoofer Hsu VTF-1 Mk2 research. I started with some multichannel DVD-Audio and sound was by far the best I've heard in the listening room CNET. The first thing I noticed was the clarity found, so my already positive feelings about Pioneer speakers climbed a few notches! They launched a bigger and more powerful than ever, and the best multi-channel recordings generated a remarkable transparent, room filling sound. In other words, the gap between the front and rear speakers disappeared, the entire room was turned on with the sound. I could play the system louder without effort, I could with the 90-watt-per-channel Denon AVR-1912 Receiver. The 7125 model is rated at 125 watts per channel, but it seemed much more powerful than the wattage numbers indicate. Model 51-7125 huge book reserve power than the Denon receivers as £ 22.4 shall ever hope to amass. For example, the Model 7125 can deliver 190 watts into seven channels with 4-ohm-rated speakers! Denon AVR-premium $ 1,200 3313Ci receiver can provide 165 watts per channel easier to drive 6 ohm speakers, but it weighs only 26.45 pounds. There is no way Denon could provide almost the same power. If you have a receiver with 5.1 and 7.1 channel outputs on the back panel, you do not have to buy Outlaw Model 975 surround processor. You can operate your receiver (bypassing its internal amp) with the 7125 and dramatically improve your sound. Outlaw also offers a range of more powerful amps, top model with 7x300 watts $ 3.499 7900.

By comparing the Outlaw 975/7125 combo with a Denon AVR-1912 Receiver I was surprised by the magnitude of the difference in sound quality. The Denon was good, but the Outlaws were much more transparent, bright, clear and powerful.

Outlaw sells direct a return policy of 30 days. If you order the Model 975 ($ 575) and model 7125 ($ 999) and the reduced price is $ 1398.
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