Jay Leno kisses nerd GoDaddy Super Bowl re-creation

There are those who would like to kiss Jay Leno.

And there are those who would like to smack him in the face.

I have no horse in the face.

But I want to kiss a man Leno show. This man is Jesse Heiman, who won a lottery difficult for one who has embraced Bar Refaeli in an ad that took place during the Super Bowl.In this scenario very scripted, Leno thinks he is about to re-create the ad and embrace Refaeli GoDaddy.

It performs a switch and makes him kiss Heiman, including (GB) Dad Leno could truly be.

Some quite inexplicably, found the announcement GoDaddy uncomfortable.

These people would surely find this re-creation positively painful. There may be those who are at least relieved to see that it does not seem to have been a more obvious especially that kiss shot, ready for release online.

The person behind the GoDaddy ads is actually a very young business sense, Rechterman Barb.

She told Forbes that Refaeli Heiman-rumble-before-a-day machine generated record sales for the company.

This chaste kiss Leno-Heiman is simply an afterthought shortly after the main event.

I fear he has not done too much more to the sales effort.

Somehow, Leno was not quite the passion Refaeli. Somehow, we imagine, Leonardo DiCaprio would not find it quite as exciting.
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